Chiropractic Testimonials

“I began going to Dr. Cole several years ago after suffering for almost a year with monthly migraines. My husband had read that chiropractic care could offer relief. Dr. Cole immediately identified the connection without me even telling him I was experiencing migraines, wow! Within several months I wasn’t having migraines at all, and I’m happy to say I’ve been migraine free ever since! I have since experienced other benefits of chiropractic care including more energy and overall feeling great. I would highly recommend Dr. Cole as a reputable, trusted and caring healthcare professional.”

- Michelle Adams (President, PRISM Marketing)

“For the past two months I have taken Advil nearly everyday. I have suffered a great deal of pain that would shoot from my shoulder all the way up into the left side of my head. I have had massages to help relieve some muscle tension, but still did not receive relief for more than a day. Two weeks ago I began chiropractic treatment and have not had to take any pain medicine. I am so extremely grateful for Dr. Cole’s expertise and continued care.”

- Amy

“I had been suffering with frozen shoulder for about a year before seeing Dr. Cole. It was painful and I had very limited range of motion. I tried various treatments including seeing an orthopedic doctor, physical therapy, cortisone shots, and acupuncture with very little pain relief or improvement in range of motion. I started seeing Dr. Cole several times a week and very quickly had considerable pain relief and my range of motion was getting better every week. After about 3 months I had 100% range of motion and could start enjoying all of my usual activities. I also started sleeping better and had more energy. I had so much success with Dr. Cole that I started taking both of my children to see him as well. He is professional, caring, and personable. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

- Kathy

“I have been seeing Dr. Cole for about 7 years and my 4 year old daughter since she was 1 day old. Yes, she was adjusted at 1 day old. I found Dr. Cole through my health insurance at the time when I first moved to Columbus. I was experiencing chronic neck and lower back pain. Soon after starting therapy I was no longer in pain. What Dr. Cole did for me went well beyond what my previous Chiropractor was able to do and I have found that he has contributed more to my health and wellness, and my over-all well being, than any medical doctor could have ever done for me. Instead of going to a medical doctor for my pain and popping pills, I chose a healthy and natural approach and in doing so I have learned that chiropractic care is a key part of my good health and the health of my family. I was also adjusted throughout my pregnancy with the use of a special pillow to accommodate my belly and did so after learning about the benefits from Dr. Cole. I continue to see Dr. Cole on a monthly basis as well as my daughter. I believe it is a key factor in her good health. She has yet to go her pediatrician for anything other than her annual checkup in her 4 years. I would recommend Cole Family Chiropractic to anyone who is ready to take a healthy approach to caring for their body.”

- Michelle

“I began seeing Dr. Cole in 2005 when my daughter was in treatment for a rare cancer called neuroblastoma. The stress had taken a toll and started showing up with physical pain in my lower back and shoulders. I could barely stand up straight, and I began to research chiropractic care. A friend recommended Mike, and I’ve been a patient ever since. My son is now a serious athlete, and cycles very far distances at a time, and I feel confident knowing he has a quality, reputable chiropractor as part of his training. I would highly recommend Dr. Cole.”

- Rourke

“Incredible. Pain is much less and no narcotics needed.”

- Sue

“I have become pregnant since beginning treatment and have experienced no morning sickness, fatigue, headaches or heartburn.”

- Brandy

“My neck pain has decreased dramatically. I can go on bike rides twice as long/far without feeling the pain during the ride. In addition to the decreased neck pain, I believe overall my athletic performance has improved since starting chiropractic.”

- Missy

“My headaches were disabling. I made two trips to the emergency room because they were so severe. Since I have been seeing Dr. Cole I haven’t had a headache, not even a mild one, and my neck is much stronger. I have more energy and I can see clearer.”

- Sue 

“I had terrible back pain on and off for three months. I had to lay flat on the floor in terrible pain and miss a Christmas party. Since beginning care, I have made really good progress. I am now totally pain free, my flexibility and range of motion has increased considerably.”

- Jerry

“Recurrent headaches have ceased, less pain in neck and shoulders, better sleep, less stress related to job, more pleasurable recreational activities, improved immune system. I have not been sick since starting Chiropractic care. This is the first time that I have not been sick on or around my birthday in over 5 years.”

- Jamie 

“Headaches have pretty much disappeared. Dizziness is gone. I feel like I’m getting my life back! My balance is better. I’m able to exercise and even run. I had been unable to do this without feeling dizzy.”

- Pam 

“…I am a convert. Every day I wake up having slept through the night pain free, every day as I go about my business pain free, I thank that day that I made that first appointment. Thanks Dr. Cole.”

- Phillip 

“My progress has been amazing. I have increased mobility and decreased pain. I have significantly decreased my use of Anti-inflammatory and Analgesics. The office is very helpful and attentive to needs/requirements, especially when it comes to scheduling.”

- Peter 

“I had constant, severe neck pain and headaches for over a year. Dr. Cole has changed my life. I look forward to my treatments and the (almost) totally pain free life I now enjoy.”

- Opal 

“I’m so thankful that Dr. Mike can offer me a drug-free means of maintaining my health, and I’m thrilled to know that even my asthma can respond to non-medicinal therapies”

- Jennifer 

“I can now play with my grandson and not be in so much pain. I look forward to doing activities again that I’ve cancelled in the past.”

- Lynne 

“…My reason for beginning chiropractic care was excruciating back/shoulder pain which made my entire right arm numb. My sleep patterns were totally disrupted and my life was not enjoyable. After 2 months I have achieved a level of no numbness or pain of the affected area.”

- Will 

“My breathing is much better. When my mid back is adjusted my lungs feel like they open up more.”

- Tito 

“I feel more energetic. It is great to go through a day without pain and stiffness.”

- Jerry 

“My attitude is so much better. I’m enjoying my life because I’m not so focused on the pain.”

- Lynne


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